Chase Adams - Aspiring Web Developer

Recent Projects

District 21

District 21 Website
Description: I used HTML5.0 and CSS to complete this project. I went for a relaxed color scheme to make the site look appealing and easy on the eyes. I also wanted it to be as appealing to the eyes as possible since this website is for a higher end restaurant. As well as giving any customer ease of access with the buttons that link to the differet areas on the page or the "Back to Top" link at the bottom of the page to keep customers from needing to scroll unnecssarily. I feel this site it would definetly help portray the restaurant correctly to it's clients.

Pattern Lab
Description: The purpose of this site is to give a small insight into what Pattern Lab is and how it works. I used HTML and CSS to complete this site. I wanted to create a form and bring in an iframe to work with.